Andy Brophy

Andy Brophyis a Lean & Innovation Improvement Advisor. He has been working in the Lean field for the last 15 years with a diverse range of organisations including manufacturing, government, services, software development, and hospitals.

Andy is a professional engineer and holds a 1st Class MSc in Lean Operations from Cardiff University and is Six Sigma Black Belt certified. In May 2010 he published the co-authored book Innovative Lean with John Bicheno of the Lean Enterprise Research Centerin the UK. This work is primarily based on the power of harvesting and implementing employee ideas and creating an innovative and empowered workforce.

“Contemplate if 1 percent of the ideas, improvements, and solutions in the minds of our workers were acknowledged, tapped into, and implemented. Our world would change in incredible ways, and Ireland (any nation) would gain a great economic advantage.”

We offer the following Innovation Services:

On-site Implementation Workshop: Everyday Lean Using the Power of Employee Driven Innovation

This is an extremely powerful system that taps into employees latent talents and creativity. Everyday people on the frontlines see problems and opportunities that management are completely unaware of.  Oftentimes however employees do not have an outlet or mechanism to surface their ideas and the results are that daily annoyance factors and waste go unchecked or worked around and indeed escalate. Empowering employees to surface and coordinate the implementation of these ideas results in real time learning and enhanced employee engagement. This win-win approach also delivers real bottom line cost savings to the organisation with common benefits in the region €2500 per employee per year.

Creativity and Innovation 5 Day Maser Class

Two day workshop where we teach your employees Creativity and Innovation techniques that enable them to come with revenue enhancement ideas for products and services.


  • Learn a comprehensive in-depth approach to Creativity & Innovation.
  • Learn the appropriate Creativity Tools
  • Learn how to develop your Idea to Market Roadmap
  • Learn Practices to Establish a Creative Culture
  • Learn how to Maximize the Return on Innovation

Course Outline:

The highly participative workshop gives an overview of creativity and innovation allows people to develop their own creative skills by practising the tools in a live workshop.


Day 1

Introduction to Creativity and Innovation

  •  What is Creativity and Innovation?
  •  Why do we need it?
  •  The Psychology of Creativity
  •  How to Spot Opportunities and Enhance Personal Creativity
  •  Key Human Needs and Emerging Global Trends
  •  What is an Innovation Centre of Excellence
  •  The Framework towards Establishing an Innovation Centre of Excellence
  •  Creative and Innovative Workplace Survey


Day 2

Creativity Tools


Overview of the 12 most commonly used creativity tools and practical worked examples

  • Tool # 1:Bug Listing & Idea Logbook
  • Tool #2: Random Word
  • Tool #3: Finding New Applications
  • Tool # 4: Challenging Assumptions
  • Tool #5: What-If?
  • Tool #6: Attribute Listing and SCAMPER
  • Tool # 7: Morphological Analysis
  • Tool #8: Action Words
  • Tool #9: Reversal
  • Tool # 10: Analogy or Metaphor
  • Tool #11: Random Objects
  • Tool # 12: Relational Words


Practical Workshop using the various Tools above in Groups


Day 3

Idea to Market Roadmap


Bring to Market Roadmap Overview: From Idea to Commercialisation covering Prototyping, Patents, Trademarks, Licensing, Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution,etc

Working with Ideas  generated from Day 2

Develop Bring to Market mock-up Roadmap in various groups


Day 4

Practices to Establish a Creative Culture

  •  Alignwith Business Needs
  •  Performa Baseline Measure
  •  Make Innovation a Process
  •  Resourcesand  The Physical Work Environment
  •  Measurethe Process
  •  Spreadthe Word
  •  Loosen Controls
  •  Endorse Fun
  •  Appreciatethe Long Term Perspective
  •  Communicate
  •  Total Involvement
  •  Embrace Learning
  •  Generate Ideas
  •  Enrich People’s Jobs
  •  Nurture Innovation Activity
  •  Test & Experiment
  •  Realise Good Ideas
  •  Open Innovation
  •  Becomea Trend Spotter
  •  Different Stance
  •  Understand Value


Day 5

Maximizing the Return on Innovation


  •  Barriers in the Budget Process
  •  Incubators and Skunk Works
  •  A Marketplace for Ideas, Capital, and Talent
  •  Creating the Portfolio of Projects
  •  Multiplying the Available Resources
  •  Know the Game
  •  Understanding Marathons
  •  Understanding Sprints
  •  Risk and Intelligent Failure
  •  Maximizing Learning over Investment
  •  Learn Faster, Learn Cheaper, Learn Better
  •  Sharing Risk with Partners



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