Andy Brophy

Andy Brophyis a Lean & Innovation Improvement Advisor. He has been working in the Lean field for the last 15 years with a diverse range of organisations including manufacturing, government, services, software development, and hospitals.

Andy is a professional engineer and holds a 1st Class MSc in Lean Operations from Cardiff University and is Six Sigma Black Belt certified. In May 2010 he published the co-authored book Innovative Lean with John Bicheno of the Lean Enterprise Research Centerin the UK. This work is primarily based on the power of harvesting and implementing employee ideas and creating an innovative and empowered workforce.

The Financial Times Guide to Lean


This is a very good overview of lean basics, from tools, to problem solving, people, and leadership. Filled with diagrams and practical tips, this guide should help any organisation off to a great start on the lean journey.

Jeffrey K. Liker, Professor, University of Michigan and Author, The Toyota Way


Andy’s book explores a holistic approach to lean transformation balancing the strategic "hoshin" business case for change with respect for people and a practical "how to" illustration of the core lean practices; in addition it covers a generically proven lean road map and management system for cultural transformation that is required for sustained continuous improvement.

Matthew E. May, Toyota innovation advisor and author of The Laws of Subtraction and The Elegant Solution


Andy Brophy has done a good job explaining a challenging and vital subject in a simple yet comprehensive manner. He explains the central role of Little’s Law as the foundation of lean, a fact often missed by other expositions of lean. This insight allows the application of lean beyond repetitive manufacturing, to service, product development and indeed to any business process.

Michael L. George, author of Lean Six Sigma and former CEO of the George Group


Andy does a great job taking you through "lean" from A to Z including the steps to implement but what really stands out is that he highlights the need and process to maximise the employee experience, which is what so many companies miss.

Pete Gritton, Former Vice President of HR, Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America


Andy's book will prove a valuable reference for newcomers to Lean. Experienced lean practitioners will also be able to pick up useful insights - particularly from the chapters on Lean Culture and Idea Management. The book includes wide coverage of lean, with the right balance between breadth and depth for an easy read. The book provides a step-by-step guide that would be applicable to many aspiring lean organisations.

John Bicheno, author of The Lean Toolbox, and The Service Systems Toolbox


If you're going ahead with a lean program, this is a good place to start. Andy's engaging book is clear and well written and does a great job of presenting both the lean tools and the wider management system - and, in particular, the fact that lean is all about people. I would definitely have every one in the organisation read this guide as a common base to explore the lean journey.

Michael Ballé, Shingo Prize co-author of The Gold Mine, and The Lean Manager, and co-founder of the Institut Lean France


This book will help readers gain a much better understanding of lean management, and it will inspire them to move forward and do great things for customers and other key stakeholders.

Bob Emiliani Author of Better Thinking, Better Results and Professor, Connecticut State University


Andy Brophy's crystal clear prose and deep subject knowledge make this book a must-read for anyone involved in or contemplating a lean journey.

Charles Kenney, author of Transforming Health Care: Virginia Mason Medical Centre's Pursuit of the Perfect Patient Experience, and co-author with Maureen Bisognano of Pursuing the Triple Aim: Seven Innovators Show the Way to Better Care, Better Health, and Lower Costs


If I were asked by a new comer to lean, “What is the one book that will get me through my first year as a lean champion?” I would do well to recommend Andy Brophy’s book, The Financial Times Guide to Lean. While he offers a greater set of tools than most lean introductions, they are firmly set in the framework of the strategic purposes of employing lean, and recognition of how people learn and grow into lean thinkers. It’s an informal, readable blueprint for a launch of lean in any type of organisation.

Karen Wilhelm, blogger at Lean Reflections.


Andy does and excellent job of tackling a large subject by including all the relevant Lean concepts, not the least of which is that lean is about people and is not just a set of tools.  He also makes the critical point that, “Lean is not a bolt on; to work it needs to umbrella all the functions that are performed in the organisation.”  And that means any organisation.

Don Dinero, TWI Institute Conductor at The TWI Learning Partnership, and author of Training Within Industry: The Foundation of Lean


Andy Brophy has written a clear and comprehensive guide to lean. All the major concepts are explained in detail, and as a system, with the insight that only extensive implementation experience can provide.

Alan G. Robinson, PhD, Professor, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts at Amherst & Co-author, Ideas Are Free: How the Idea Revolution Is Liberating People and Transforming Organizations




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